BRICS Power Play: New Members Eye the Alliance in 2024


As the BRICS alliance gears up for its 2024 summit, the expansion frenzy is in full swing. Six nations were invited last year, and now the question is how many more will be added to the fold. The bloc, vocal about its growing list of suitors, seems eager to welcome new members. But the real question is how many and which ones will make the cut. With over 40 countries expressing interest, speculation is rife. The 2024 summit promises significant geopolitical shifts, possibly including new members like Venezuela, Thailand, and Nigeria. The BRICS alliance isn’t just expanding—it’s reshaping the global economic landscape.

Since the BRICS 2023 annual summit, all eyes have been on the continued expansion of the alliance this year. With six nations receiving invitations previously, the geopolitical sector is observing whether or not the bloc could repeat that same practice at the impending summit.

The group has been outspoken in the growing list of nations that are seeking entry into the economic alliance. Moreover, they have already shown a willingness to open the door and represent an expanded membership base. Yet, how many nations could that include when the 2024 Summit finally arrives?

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How Many Countries Could Join BRICS in 2024?

One of the most important geopolitical developments of last year was the announcement of an expanded BRICS. The group had long discussed the topic, but it had yet to embrace any growth initiative since it included South Africa in its ranks in 2001.

However, that changed more than a decade later, when the bloc invited six countries to join the BRICS alliance. Those nations included Saudi Arabia, Argentina, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iran, Egypt, and Ethiopia. Of those six, four had officially announced their intention to join.

Alternately, Argentina announced its rejection of the invitation following a regime change. Javier Milei was voted into the presidency shortly after the expansion effort was announced and voiced his displeasure with the bloc while affirming his commitment to global dollarization.

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Additionally, Saudi Arabia has noted its continued exploration into its potential inclusion into the bloc. however, the other four countries have already proven to be immensely successful additions. Yet, the biggest question is how many countries could be included in BRICS, when the alliance commences its 2024 summit?

The answer is rather tricky, as the bloc is likely to approach this year far differently from its last expansion announcement. That being said, the BRICS alliance is likely to invite 5-8 nations to join the collective at the 2024 summit.

Late last year, India’s officials disclosed the bloc’s agreement for another six-nation invitation in 2024. There is a chance that the figure changes, however, due to a myriad of factors. The response to invited nations last year, and the ever-growing list of interested countries could play a part in that.

What Nations Could Be Included?

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Source: Mikhail Metzel / TASS

Now that we know there Is certainly going to be an expansion effort announced, the question now becomes; what countries could be involved? That is an even more difficult answer as the bloc has not had one consistent methodology for which it issues invitations.

There are likely candidates, such as Venezuela. The nation has been outspoken in its growing desire to join BRICS at some point. Moreover, the country’s president has recently discussed the positive relationship that the nation has with the BRICS collective.

Furthermore, nations like Thailand, Bolivia, Algeria, and Nigeria have expressed interest. All of these nations are likely options, but with more than 40 countries expressing interest, the figure begins to become difficult to pin down.

The BRICS economic alliance is certainly poised to welcome a hostof new countries into the bloc this year. Additionally, they are also likely to make a secondary major announcement regarding a native currency, or a continued de-dollarization effort. Whatever they do announce, it will capture the attention of the world and boast unprecedented geopolitical ramifications.

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