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Democrats Defend Pedophiles? Tennessee’s New Death Penalty Law Exposes Their True Allegiances


In a chilling display of misplaced priorities, Tennessee’s new law allowing the death penalty for convicted pedophiles has been met with fierce opposition from Democrats and progressive activists. Despite overwhelming Republican support and public approval, the left remains adamant in their defense of predators, citing absurd excuses like cost concerns and victim trauma during appeals. This indefensible stance raises disturbing questions about their true motivations, as they continue to block stricter penalties for child sex abuse while the safety of our children hangs in the balance.

Tennessee has joined states like Florida, Arizona, Idaho, Oklahoma and South Carolina in making the death penalty a possibility for criminals convicted of child sex abuse. 

The law went into effect this week with Governor Bill Lee’s approval and with the approval of all Republican legislators. 

Strangely, only Democrats and progressive activists have opposed the decision.

Democrats have a number of arguments against the death penalty for pedophiles, including claims that seeking the punishment is “more expensive” than keeping prisoners locked up, and claims that victims would be “traumatized” by multiple appeals “drudging up memories of assault.” 

However, as Republicans note, it doesn’t matter what it costs, the punishment should fit the crime.  And, there is no reason why child victims need to be dragged back into appeals court to relive their trauma unless new evidence directly concerning the victim comes to light.

In other words, these excuses don’t hold water.  All 19 Tennessee legislators who opposed the law are Democrats.  The consistent leftist opposition to stricter prosecution and punishment for child sex abuse is concerning as it leads to questions over what is truly motivating their resolve.  Blue states like California have been pushing for less punishment for similar crimes; Democrat lawmakers thwarted multiple attempts last year to increase penalties for child sex trafficking.

Leftist activists have consistently asserted that the death penalty as a punishment for pedophiles is a threat to the LGBT community and the Trans community in particular.  But why?  

Perhaps they are worried about the growing trend of trans indoctrination taking place against children in American public schools, largely supported by Democrat groups?  Often referred to as “grooming”, trans propaganda invariably wanders into the realm of sexualization and even pedophilia.  One cannot discuss LGBT activism with children without also broaching topics of fetish and sex.  This form of indoctrination is tailor made for luring minors into abusive environments where they can be taken advantage of.  The lesser the penalty, the more emboldened such predators will be.   

The solution is an easy one to figure out:  Stay away from the kids and everything will be alright.  Unfortunately, Democrats refuse to get the message. 

This article originally appeared on Zero Hedge.

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