Ray Dalio Warns: Most People Can’t See The Economic Noose Around America

In the wake of Ray Dalio’s foreboding warning of a looming US debt crisis, a startling reality has emerged. In a matter of mere weeks following Congress’s decision to lift the borrowing ceiling, the US national debt has surged by an astonishing $1 trillion. This surge has led to a total outstanding public debt of $32.5 trillion, a dire signal of the nation’s financial health. Dalio’s earlier skepticism about the effectiveness of the resolution appears validated as the US government’s borrowings climb to unprecedented levels. The billionaire investor had given the resolution a mere grade D, arguing that it merely exacerbates the already looming issue of excessive debt accumulation. In this video, Dalio’s words have taken on an eerie significance, warning of a classic late-cycle debt crisis, where debt oversupply meets a scarcity of buyers, potentially leading the US into a balance-sheet recession with weakened economic prospects.

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