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A Grim Forecast: Begin Stockpiling Essentials as Economic Collapse Looms!


Here’s a warning: the global economy stands on the edge of a catastrophic collapse, potentially triggering a U.S. debt default in the next few years. Our analysis reveals a storm brewing, with governments worldwide inching towards financial ruin, propelled by reckless spending and the specter of war as a diversion from their failures. The advice is clear and pressing: brace for the worst. Stockpile at least two years’ worth of food to protect yourself from the inevitable shortages and economic chaos ahead. This isn’t just caution—it’s a necessary measure to survive the looming financial upheaval. Act now; delay could be disastrous.

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong has new data on how well the Biden economy is doing.  Spoiler alert:  It’s not doing well, and the financial system is about to tank.  I asked Armstrong if the US government could default on its debt if countries around the world continue to stop buying it?  Armstrong explained, “I think the US could default on its debt as early as 2025, but probably in 2027.  We have kicked the can down the road as far as we can go.  It’s not just in the United States.  Europe is in the same boat.  So is Japan.  This is why they need war.  They think by going into war, that’s the excuse to default on the debt.  They simply will not pay China.  If they try to sell their debt–good luck.  We are not redeeming it.  The same thing is happening in Europe.  So, once that happens, you go into war, and that is their excuse on this whole debt thing to collapse, which wipes out pensions etc.  Then they can blame Putin.  This is the same thing Biden was doing before saying this was Putin’s inflation.  Then, with the whole CBDC thing (central bank digital currency) . . . .  the IMF has already completed its digital coin, and they want that to replace the dollar as the reserve currency for the world. . . . These people are desperately just trying to hang on to power.  Nobody wants to give it up, and nobody wants to reform.”

I asked Armstrong what should the common person be doing now?  Armstrong surprisingly said, “I think you need, safely, two years’ worth of food supply. . . .This is what I have.   It’s not just prices will go up, but mainly because there will be shortages.  Then, you do not know what they are going to do with the currency. . . . They will do whatever they have to do to survive.  That’s what governments always do.”

Armstrong says his most recent data suggests that government approval ratings in the USA are worse that Biden’s 8% approval rating.  Congress, according to Armstrong, is dragging the bottom with a 7% approval rating.  Armstrong has long said that people will buy gold and silver when faith in government crashes.  That is exactly what Armstrong is seeing around the world today.  Gold is bouncing around the $2,300 level, and Armstrong sees “a new gold and silver rally coming soon.”  War is also coming sooner than later with the announcement that Ukraine will be joining NATO as early as July.   When the next war starts, Armstrong warns, “You are going to have to watch the bank because long term interest rates are going to go up.  Nobody wants to buy government debt, and you are going to have to hunker down at that stage in the game.”

Armstrong is also predicting a big turn on or about May 7th of next week.  Armstrong predicts a recession will start then and go on until 2028.  GDP will continue to fall, and inflation will continue to rise.  Armstrong says it is the perfect storm for a dreaded “stagflation economy.”

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