Dedollarize News - Square Transparent BG
  • We believe in the preservation of real monetary value, financial privacy, and transactional freedom.
  • We oppose the subversion of money through government-issued paper—a legislative perversion that often serves the interests of the financial and political elite at the expense of the average hard-working American.
  • We stand against the raiding of personal wealth by means of excessive taxation and other manipulative monetary practices.
  • We boldly support all forms of free speech that provide unique, insightful, well-argued, or well-constructed views toward today’s financial, economic, political, and social conditions.
  • We believe in sharing the widest scope of financial, economic, and political opinion regardless of its favorability or unfavorability in the field of public perception.
  • We believe in applying the maximum level of skepticism and critical thought toward all forms of opinion and analysis.
  • We believe in the unshackling of marginal ideas silenced by mainstream journalistic preference and standards.
  • We believe in providing analysis that agnostically supports and criticizes all positions regardless of political or economic position.

We believe in categorizing and publishing ideas pseudonymously according to style of thought, mode of expression, and nature of topic.

Not only does this help intensify the expressiveness of the information, but it also prevents individual authors from being personally targeted and persecuted for expressing views that may be considered unfavorable, controversial, or subversive.

Writing under various conceptual personas emboldens authors to share information with the freedom of speech and thought that was once foundational to the American way of life but is now under threat.

The publishing of ideas under pseudonyms can also free the reader from habitual responses or biases aimed toward a single recognizable author. It allows readers to focus specifically on the ideas concerning a given topic rather than on the author whose history of writing may divert attention away from the content of the article.

Ideas have the potential to resonate far beyond the moment and space of its original utterance. Once expressed, an idea can potentially outlive the person who originally expressed it. While physical actions may be subject to geographical and historical boundaries, ideas directly expressed, or ideas resonating with actions, may not be bound by the same restrictions. It is therefore imperative that all ideas distributed for public consumption be vetted for factual accuracy or, in the case of speculative propositions, rigor of construction. 

Although “dissident” speech is typically viewed with a great deal of skepticism if not outright suspicion, particularly among mainstream readers, we would like to underscore the notion that all forms of speech, if viewed with enough critical rigor, can yield as much insight as it can also betray blindness in its attempt to establish a certain level of truth.

In short, all ideas are to be treated with skepticism and suspicion.

Only then can we parcel-out the various “truths” hidden behind a single proposed “Truth.”

- William "Bill" Brocius