Appearances Can’t Make Up For San Francisco’s Crappy Policies

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The swift cleanup of San Francisco’s streets for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit exposes a lame reality. Known for its urban decay, the city’s sudden transformation is a stark display of governmental hypocrisy. This rapid makeover, contrasting sharply with the long-standing neglect faced by residents, reveals a disturbing truth. The government’s ability to enact change is not about public welfare but about impressing foreign powers. The dismissive official responses to this disparity highlight a deeper issue: for those in power, maintaining appearances for authoritarian visitors takes precedence over addressing the real needs of American citizens.

With Chinese President Xi Jinping's airplane having touched down in California Tuesday night, the Biden administration is facing questions over the now viral images coming out of San Francisco. As we and others have detailed, the feces-encrusted Golden City was miraculously able to clean itself upseemingly overnight.

We previously pointed out that for decades, and with increasing severity, residents of San Francisco have been forced to navigate through shit-covered streets, drug dens and criminal elements, all while the city feigned the inability to do anything about it. On Monday, the White House was pressed on the growing and unavoidable public perception that the federal and local government in San Fran cares more about the soon to arrive Communist dictator than American citizens and civic life and public health.

But as the disturbing clip below from a yesterday afternoon press briefing shows, the administration could care less. Biden admin advisor Jake Sullivan was asked, "Does President Biden agree that it's more important to impress the leader of China than the American people that live in San Francisco?" Watch Sullivan's pathetic non-answer below...

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As one online commenter has pointed out, "San Francisco’s homeless population was entirely cleared out for Xi Jinping" and took note that "The government can easily fix our cities overnight. It just doesn’t want to."

And look who just basically admitted that this is precisely what's going on...

"I know folks say, 'Oh, they're just cleaning up this place because all these fancy leaders are coming into town.' That's true because it's true."

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And the reaction from San Francisco Mayor London Breed, who also skirted the relevant pointed question and gave a non-answer...

"We have been working on this now for a few years...

This is not an issue that we've been sitting around waiting to solve," Mayor Breed said. 

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Meanwhile, Xi has emerged to newly "clean streets"...

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Originally published by: Tyler Durden on ZeroHedge

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