BRICS Rift: New Members Challenge India’s UNSC Bid


The recent expansion of BRICS, which brought in six new countries, has ignited internal strife that could unravel the alliance. What was once a tight-knit group of five now faces discord as new members clash with the old guard. The main flashpoint is India’s push for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. While Brazil and South Africa back India, new members like Egypt and Ethiopia are vehemently opposed, each eyeing the seat for themselves. This infighting exposes the deep divisions and conflicting ambitions within BRICS, casting doubt on the bloc’s ability to stay united.

The BRICS alliance was a five-nation bloc since it formed in 2009 and remained the same for 15 years. However, things changed last year when the group invited six new countries to join the alliance. Invitations were sent to Saudi Arabia, Argentina, the UAE, Egypt, Iran, and Ethiopia during the 15th summit in August last year. While Argentina rejected the membership, Saudi Arabia has kept the decision on hold. The other four new countries have joined BRICS in 2024.

BRICS is now a bloc of new and old members and each country is different from the other. This is where things seem to be going downhill as geopolitical views vary between old and new members. The main rift that’s widening between the old and new members of BRICS is India’s permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

BRICS: New & Old Members Look At UNSC Seat

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India is looking to get a permanent seat at the UN Security Council. The new BRICS members are not happy with the development. Old members Brazil and South Africa support India’s stance in the UNSC. However, the new members oppose India’s stance in the UNSC as Egypt and Ethiopia aspire to get the seat.

A source close to the development said that the old BRICS members inducted the new highlighting that they need to support India’s stance in the UNSC. Nonetheless, despite the initial agreement, the new members are looking at their own seats and not India’s aspirations.

“When new members were admitted to the BRICS grouping last year, a formula was introduced suggesting that all new members should agree to the aspirations of India, Brazil, and South Africa for becoming permanent members of the UNSC. But some of the new members, such as Egypt and Ethiopia, are now protesting against it as they themselves are aspirants for UNSC membership,” said a source to The Hindu Business Line.

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