Congress's Blind Eye To The Debt Tsunami

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America’s national debt crisis, now an alarming $33.7 trillion, is a clear and present danger that Congress chooses to ignore at our peril. This isn’t just poor fiscal policy; it’s an outright dance on the edge of a financial volcano. The fact that debt interest now overshadows defense spending is a stark warning of the impending economic disaster. Yet, Congress, in its typical display of ineptitude and political posturing, offers nothing but lip service and half-hearted measures. This negligence is a tragic testimony to a government asleep at the wheel, driving us headfirst into an economic meltdown. With only two decades left before a predicted default, this is not just a looming crisis; it’s a direct threat to our nation’s future, being willfully ignored by those elected to safeguard it.

You know a problem is looming when even Congress starts paying attention. That problem at the moment is the ever-metastasizing national debt and the endless federal budget deficits which feed its growth. Of course, acknowledging the danger posed by a problem isn't the same as doing something constructive to address the issue.

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