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Goldman Sachs Prediction: BRICS to Take Gold Prices Higher, Decimating the Dollar


Gold is expected to hit $2,700 per ounce by year’s end, according to Goldman Sachs. This surge, driven by BRICS countries and central banks around the globe, including China’s relentless acquisitions, isn’t merely a trend. It’s a stark warning: as gold strengthens, the U.S. dollar loses its grip as the world’s reserve currency. The implications are severe, as the greenback’s decline will destabilize the entire US economy. It’s a calculated erosion of American economic supremacy, with gold as the linchpin in this global power reconfiguration.

Amid the ongoing BRICS acquisition strategy that has driven global interest, Goldman Sachs has made a major gold price prediction. Indeed, the investment bank forecasted the metal to reach a price of $2,700 in 2024 after its tremendous value increase throughout the year thus far.

The financial institution released an investment note that reevaluated Gold’s position amid its strong performance. The metal had been thriving, recently hitting another all-time high this year, surpassing $2,400 this weekend. One of the most important catalysts for the increased value of the metal has been the BRICS alliance. Indeed, the collective has influenced diversification strategies for Central Banks throughout the world.

Goldman Sachs Predicts Gold Price Surge Amid BRICS Activity

Throughout the year, the price of gold has seen its value steadily increase. However, this extends to December of 2023, when the asset surpassed the $2,135 mark for the first time. That would set a trend for the metal, which has continued to set all-time marks throughout the year.

Now, that development has caught the attention of one of the world’s most prominent financial institutions. Specifically, amid BRICS and global interest, Goldman Sachs has made major gold price predictions. Indeed, the bank has forecasted the metal to reach a price of $2,700 by the end of the year.

In the investor note, the bank said that “none of those traditional factors adequately explain the velocity and scale of the gold price move so far this year.” Subseuqnlety, one of the biggest reasons for its increase is tied to macroeconomic concerns and the metal’s status as a haven asset.

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Goldman Sachs had increased its forecast from $2,300 which is a clear sign of the shifting perspective. Among the most important drivers, China stands alone. Indeed, consistent acquisition demand from the People’s Bank of China (PBNOC) has greatly influenced the growth perspective.

Few circumstances would present a slowing growth rate for gold. Subsequently, if BRICS and aligned Central Banks continued acquiring the asset, it could serve as yet another knock toward the global reserve viability of the US dollar.

Additionally, US investment in the asset has continued to increase. The fragility of the US economy is clearly seen in its most recent inflation report. With interest rate cuts not likely until the summer months, there should be increased interest in gold investment on all fronts.

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