The Octagon Gets Economic: UFC Fighter Tells Americans “Read Mises Motherf**kers!”


Under the neon lights of Las Vegas, Brazilian UFC fighter Renato Moicano turned his post-fight victory moment into a fiery call for economic literacy. Ditching the usual celebratory chatter, Moicano championed Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises with a passion usually reserved for fight talk. His message was loud and clear: if you care about freedom, delve into Mises’ work. It’s the last place you’d expect a lesson in economics, but Moicano’s punchy, profanity-laced endorsement made an unforgettable case for understanding the principles that influence our liberties. Principles that many, if not most, Americans claim to understand but don’t really get. So, if you haven’t yet, read your Mises MF!

While the Middle East wobbled on the precipice of World War III on Saturday, a Brazilian UFC fighter gave us hope by using his victory speech to deliver an emphatic endorsement of Austrian economics, Ludwig von Mises, the First Amendment and gun rights. 

Renato Moicano's televised speech came after he pulled off a comeback win over Jalin Turner at Las Vegas. Joe Rogan joined him in the ring to discuss the fight, but Moicano had other priorities, and proceeded to drop a profanity-peppered liberty bomb on the T-Mobile Arena crowd and a worldwide audience:  

“I’m a huge advocate of the First Amendment. Today, of course I want the $300k bonus but they not going to give [it to me] because somebody say, 'hey, this is fucking Disney, you cannot curse'…so I’m not going to do my speech, but...

First off all I love America. I love the Constitution. I love the First Amendment. I want to carry all the fucking guns. I love private property. And let me tell you something: If you care about your fucking country, read Ludwig von Mises and the six lessons of the Austrian economic school, motherfuckers!”

By "six lessons of the Austrian economic school," Moicano was referring to a concise, 106-page Ludwig von Mises book, "Economic Policy: Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow." Among the best-selling Mises works, it's broken into six sections: Capitalism, Socialism, Interventionism, Inflation, Foreign Investment, and Policies and Ideas. (The Brazilian version's title translates to "The Six Lessons.") 

The lessons are transcribed from a series of lectures Mises delivered at the University of Buenos Aires in 1959. Per the book's description, "Mises had urged Argentina to turn from dictatorship and socialism toward full liberty, so there is a special urgency behind the cool logic employed here. The book's continued popularity is due to its clarity of exposition on the ways in which economic policy affects everyone."

Eager to follow Moicano's directive? Via the Mises Institute, you can read the book online, download a PDF for free, or buy a paper copy from the Mises Bookstore for just eight Federal Reserve notes. It's likely that plenty of people are already buried in their homework: On Saturday night, UFC fans and others dove into web searches to see what Moicano was talking about... 

...while libertarians and Austrian economics devotees raced to share Moicano's speech on social media

This article originally appeared on Zero Hedge
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