And The Banking Crisis Continues: PacWest Bank Drops 60% In Value

As the troubled California banking sector faces yet another blow, the once-resilient PacWest Bank is reportedly seeking buyers or pursuing a capital raise amidst plummeting shares. In a video that uncovers the harsh realities of the emerging banking crisis, we explore the dissonance between Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s assurances of a “sound and resilient” US banking system and the undeniable crisis enveloping the industry. With over half a trillion in bank failures in just the past few weeks, surpassing the losses during the global financial crisis, the question must be asked: how can such an optimistic outlook be maintained?

Let’s delve into the factors that have contributed to PacWest Bank’s staggering 60% drop in value and the potential consequences for other regional banks in California. As the state’s banking industry teeters on the edge of disaster, can the Fed’s intervention prevent a full-blown banking crisis or are we already too deep in the mire? 

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