Banking Blindness: Misguided Rate Cut Predictions Ignite Economic Alarm

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Bank of America and Deutsche Bank are peddling a dangerous fantasy, predicting rate cuts in 2024 as if we’re not in the middle of an economic minefield. It’s a reckless gamble, with BofA dreaming of a ‘soft landing’ and Deutsche Bank only foreseeing a ‘mild recession’. They’re missing the big, ugly picture – we’re stuck in a whirlpool of high inflation and economic uncertainty. Their sunny forecasts ignore the grim reality: the Fed’s been hiking rates like there’s no tomorrow to fight inflation, and it’s still a mess. If they’ve got this wrong, and it looks like they might, brace yourself. Gold might be the only solid ground left when the financial world starts quaking.

BofA says the U.S. will achieve a 'soft landing,' while DB expects a 'mild recession'

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