The -25% Great Reset: China’s Plan To Destroy The American Economy

The video you’re about to watch sheds light on the -25% Great Reset. Previously, the Great Reset was believed to be a global financial restructuring for the betterment of all. However, its meaning has changed; and with this change comes a chilling twist. The Reset now refers to a strategic move by China to undermine and ultimately destroy the US economy. Prior to all of the attention that financial media has been giving to the new BRICS currency, such a statement would have been dismissed as alarmist hogwash. At our current geopolitical juncture, you can see how this is neither hogwash nor alarmist. It describes very clearly the sobering conditions that the US now faces on the global stage. And when the dollar tumbles, so too will the value of all the wealth you hold that’s still denominated in US currency.

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